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Date: 01 September 2015

Today's Topic: World War Three. WWIII. WW3. World War 3

Triggers: A chance comment with a friend

My Grump: People who can't see what's in front of their own eyes.

I was chatting to a friend about an item in the news in which IS were strapping barrels of explosives to the temple columns in Palmyra, and speculating on what they think they may achieve from such a mindless act, when he said, 'Do you think there will ever be a World War Three?'
Destruction of the temple at Palmyra, Syria
I'm sure the morons who destroy these world heritage treasures get a big stiffy by denying the rest of us the celebration of something so holy, or precious, or moving and spiritual.

And I guess, what's left, the statues, works of art and antiquities becomes more valuable, which are then plundered and sold to earn hard cash to support the expansion of the IS war effort.

Quite why we talk more about this than the bloodthirsty campaign of butchery, terrorism, mass murder, torture, enslavement and ethnic cleansing that is going on at the same time is beyond me. But I asked my friend, 'Don't you think we are in the middle of WW3 already?'

If you watch the news, there is hardly any country in the world that isn't fighting with a neighbour. And, those that aren't actually fighting a declared war have troops, planes, ships, bombs and bullets parked in some other country ready for rapid deployment just in case a nation that shares their interests needs a leg up. In fact, there are 3 nations, India, Pakistan and Iran that have been at war ever since the end of the Second World War, and still scrap every chance they get.

Visit and you will be able to see an up to date list of all the conflicts that are going in the world right now. It's extraordinary, the world is at war, period.

Why is the world like this? We are multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-this, multi-that, were all mixed up in a vast soup of colour, beliefs, skills. You can virtually take a useful profession to any country in the world and find a job, live a fulfilling life, raise a family and get on with it. The secret just seems to be to have something to offer.

The only enemy we all really have in common are terrorist organizations that kill, maim and slaughter in an effort to coerce all of us into believing or doing something we don't want to do. Organizations like IS that expand by conquest and impose their will on the indigenous population through fear, hatred and force. Organizations that become attractive to the weak-willed and easily brainwashed because of the promise or perception of power and control.

However, I have an idea.

Why don't we all settle our differences and turn our collective effort against the terrorist organizations in the world, like IS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and just wipe them out? That way all the millions of refugees, immigrants and people fleeing war and terror, can return home and live a normal life.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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