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Date: 04 March 2014

Today's Topic: Ads You'll Never See Again

Triggers: My friend who sends me funny emails

My Grump: We all know that political correctness has gone mad and taken over the UK, but some of these ads are actually quite offensive, even comically offensive. Ads that show children playing with guns, or husbands spanking their wives, women put in their place or made to look dumb, and cigarettes that make you athletic (???) and manly. Patronising or what? None of these, you'd think, would get past the regulators nowadays, would they?

Actually, is it really that different now? It's not acceptable to be shown putting a woman down, or depicting her as an underclass, but I think the roles are reversed and advertising now shows the bloke as the dumb knucklehead in the kitchen not knowing which side to butter the bread, or crashing around in a supermarket, or chasing after the successful female with the right perfume.
Cocaine Drops

Every Voyage a Gay Cruise
We'll have a gay old time (sung like the Flintstones theme tune)

Kenwood Chef Ad
Yup, and next you can buy her a frying pan

Go On Blow Smoke in Her Face, She'll Love That....NOT!
She'll be coughing her lungs out doing it, but that's only to slap you with a law suit

Dr Pepper, Not For Women
OMG! Really?

Most Doctors Smoke Camels
Lots of them are also alkies; should I follow that trend too?

Ronald Regan Advertises Chesterfield Cigarettes
Trust good old Ronnie to get in on the act.
Buy a Gun for Christmas
Buy a gun for Christmas, rob a bank for Easter

She'll be Happy With a Hoover
Fellas, trust me on this, NO SHE WON'T!

Buy Your Kid a Case of Beer
Beer for babies?? And, where was my mother when this ad was running? I really missed out with this one.

What Milky Stuff Might That Be Then Mickey?
Oh Mickey, you little devil you!

Eat Tape Worms to Lose Weight
Tape worms for breakfast, really? You should get together with Michael Mosley from the BEEB, he thought this was a good idea too.

I'm Cheryl, Fly Me
You mean Fly With Me, don't you Cheryl? Maybe not. I remember something like this on the Benny Hill Show, but she was called Sandy. Anybody else recall the sketch I'm thinking of?

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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