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Date: 31 January 2015

Today's Topic: Mugger attacks disabled man at his home in Gateshead

Triggers: BBC News Report

My Grump: (no grump - except a sincere hope that the cops catch the scum bag) Katie Cutler: The best story I have heard in a long time

It's stories like this that makes you feel all warm inside.
Alan Barnes with his shoulder in a sling Alan Barnes, 67, was left too afraid to return to his home in Low Fell, Gateshead after an attack outside his property on 25 January. Mr Barnes, who is 4ft 6in and visually impaired, broke his collarbone when he was pushed to the ground by someone wanting to mug him.

Mr Barnes has been staying with his sister following the cowardly attack, and has lived with certain disabilities from birth after his mother contracted German measles when she was pregnant.

Following reports of the attack, which police described as "disgraceful", the Help Alan Barnes online donation page was created on the Go Fund Me website. It was set up by beautician Katie Cutler, who wrote: "I was so upset that anyone could target a disabled pensioner and be so cruel".

The fund, which had an original target of 500 to help Mr Barnes find somewhere new to live and pay some of his moving expenses has snowballed and raised more than 300,000 in just a week. The beautician Katie Cutler who started the appeal Katie's online fundraising campaign, has raised a total of 330,135 in less than a week attracting donations from almost 25,000 people from all over the world.

Ms Cutler said: "with a little donation we can make the future a prettier one and help towards the cost of his new home". And as the donations grew past the 120,000, she was moved to comment: "there are so many lovely people out there".... "Thank you again to everyone who has supported Alan and I, we've had a lifetime of lovely wishes in the space of a week and I can't explain in words how much that means to us both."

No-one has so far been arrested in connection with the attack, but a 5,000 reward has been offered for information leading to a conviction. If you have even a shred of decency left in you, you'd turn yourself in. Alan with Katie receiving the money You're a disgrace! Do you know anyone in your circles who wouldn't shop you in for 5000? Let's hope they want the money more than they have any loyalty toward you. Shall we make it 10,000? Just to make sure someone dobs him in?

I read through many of the comments left on the Go Fund Me website and there were also many offers of practical help from plumbers, electricians, bathroom and kitchen fitters, carpet layers and people donating furniture. People willing to give up their time to help Mr Barnes do all manner of things to get him set up in his new home.

Ms Cutler said she was "over the moon" and could not believe people's generosity. Well, Katie, we can't believe how wonderful a person you are, to care as much as you do, to take action the way you did, to have that gift of giving in your soul. Katie, you are a special person indeed! Thank you.

Blimey, here's another one: Lacklustre import controls allow 4 Polish career criminals into the country

On a completely seperate note, what about that bunch of cowards who attacked the professor in his country home? The pictures of this poor man's face on the news was horrendous after he was beaten up by a gang of Polish yobs. Professor Paul Kohler was left needing facial reconstruction surgery for a fractured eye socket after he was attacked during a burglary at his home in Wimbledon, south west London on August 11, last year.

Thankfully, the animals who did this are all now in jail. But I have a question for the authorities; WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY DOING IN THIS COUNTRY IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Everyone of them had extensive criminal convictions in Poland for grevious bodily harm (GBH), aggravated assault and burglary.

Pawel Honc, 23, of no fixed abode, and Mariusz Tomaszewski, 32, of Crusoe Road, Mitcham, south London, pleaded guilty at Kingston Crown Court to grievous bodily harm with intent and aggravated burglary. While two other men, Oscar Pawlowicz, 29, of Pitcairn Road in Mitcham, and Dawid Tychon, 29, of no fixed abode, both admitted aggravated burglary but denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent. It emerged during the trial that the gang were all career criminals. Their ringleader was on the run from a Polish prison and had already served three sentences for a gun attack, theft, burglary and drugs offences.

How did any of these people get the green light to enter the UK? Tried to get into the States with a conviction for GBH? They will slam the door in your face.

Apply to come to the UK? Yea, come on in. Maybe we can interest you in one of our social reform classes, where you can promise to be a good boy. No Job? Never mind we have a wonderful benefits program you can join. And if that's not enough for you, you can go back to doing what you did before, burglary, mugging, drug dealing, attempted murder.

Barristers for the four defendants told Judge Susan Tapping that each wanted to express his "sincere regret and apologies" for the incident. Of course they did! Their barrister told them to say it. Sentenced on the 29th January the gang were jailed for a total of 64 years.

It was heartwarming to see Mr Kohler and his family on the news afterwards, at least with his facial bruising physically healed, if not the mental scars, which will likely take a good while longer.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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