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Date: 11 April 2014

Today's Topic: Alexander Blackman in Jail for Murdering a Terrorist

Triggers: Sergeant Blackman appealing his sentence

My Grump: Royal Marines = Nul points. Taliban = Gurt loads-a-points

Even the headline of this pisses me off. This man shouldn't even be in jail, let alone having to appeal his sentence. Was Marine 'A' a criminal or a casualty of war? He was a soldier, in a difficult situation, making in the moment difficult decisions. Give the guy a break!

He was at war, in a warzone, and nobody who hasn't been there and done it, knows how terrifying and how exciting it can be. But Alexander Blackman was a 5 tour veteran, having served Queen and country in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, he is the first British serviceman to be convicted of murder on active service since the Second World War.

We send our men into hostile territory like Helmand Province, to act as 'human bait', to invite attack and draw out Afghan insurgents, in areas where they know the enemy is waiting, in what can only be described as 'death traps', in areas swimming with IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). And the best part? Our soldiers are only allowed to fire if fired upon. So you can only engage the enemy while he is letting rip at you with a hail of bullets, from a bunker or behind a thick wall.

How can you be at war and have rules of engagement that restrict your use of force? You can't fire back when you're dead! When your enemy is a dirty fighter, you have to have the option to fight dirty. Where does it say in the Geneva Convention that it's okay for the Taliban, to skin soldiers while still alive, to dismember their bodies and hang them up in the trees?

The truth is, they don't give a shit about the Geneva Convention and don't fight by the same rules that hamstring our Royal Marines. This is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. It's not golf or horse racing, where the best team need a handicap, and it's not cricket old boy, it's WAR! And, judges, generals and court marshalls would do well to remember that.
Alexander Blackman
Millions of us in the UK are right behind you and on your side. We can't share your cell, but we send you our gratitude, our hope and prayers. I hope you have access to the comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and the petitions demanding your release. We all of us wish you and your wife the very best at this time and hope you can be reunited soon.

I'm telling you now, if I had anything like the kind of money your defence lawyer is going to cost, I would pay the bill myself.

The rules of war are very different to the rules that civilians are prepared to accept. But after the fact, the soldier is judged by civilian law, rules and standards, sometimes months or years after the event, by people who have never been to war, and the closest they have ever come to war is jostling for position in a supermarket checkout.

The person who was shot by Sergeant Blackman wasn't an innocent bystander. Nor was this an illegal killing of a village of women and children. It was a taliban terrorist, who would, under any other circumstances, be trying to kill him by any means, fair or foul.

Does anybody imagine the taliban have court cases to punish their fighters after blowing up one of our soldiers in a roadside bomb attack? No of course not! They are back at HQ having a bloody party and patting their man on the back. It's a disgrace that we treat our brave fighting men this way, when we have asked them to go to a foreign country and protect the local population from terrorism and death. Forcing our soldiers to fight with one hand tied behind their back is suicidal madness. It's easier to sell it to the United Nations and the Geneva's alright, but we'll lose a lot more people that way. We are already losing too many people.

I don't care that he shot a scumbag taliban terrorist, that's what we have trained him to do and that's what we are paying him to do. That's his job, and we are all a lot safer because he has taken this task on our behalf.

And, what's all this psycho-babble about analysing what he said? 'Shuffle off this mortal coil you c***.' or some such thing? I think that's typically British and normal for any reasonably educated adult to say, whether in the heat of the moment or not. If he was American, he'd have probably said, 'Eat lead, shithead', 'Up your's', or 'I'll be back!'.

My advice to Mr Blackman (who should be reinstated by the way), and to any other Royal Marine on duty in Afghanistan or anywhere else. If you find a wounded taliban terrorist, you retrace your steps around 20 large paces, without taking your eyes off him even for a second, and blow his fucking head off!
Afterall, he might be lying on a grenade; who could tell from that distance?

Do you have any views about this? I don't expect you to share mine. Please share them below, thank you.

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