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Date: 01-31 May 2014

Topic: 200 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist militant group Boko Haram

Triggers: BBC News Report

My Grump: All this talk and no action is what gets people killed

My heart is very sad for these children, and for the parents of these children. I agree with Obama when he says that he hopes 'the kidnapping might galvanise the international community to take action against Boko Haram'.

What a bunch of cowards these men are? How pathetic and trivial their lives must be to think that a bunch of educated schoolgirls is going to be any threat to them, now or in the future?

The world seems very slow to act, or even to condemn, and that I feel is very sad, given that we would all do absolutely anything to stop this kind of atrocity if we thought our own children were at risk.

Anyway, a team of US experts has been sent to Nigeria to help find the abducted schoolgirls. Let's hope the teams consist of special forces that can save the girls and rid the world of Boko Haram for good.

Families of the missing girls say the Nigerian government's response has been too slow. Of course it's been slow, all government response is slow because when you've had a terrorist organization in your midst as long as these have and done virtually nothing about it, it takes as long to organize a whip round for tea and cakes even to discuss the problem, as it does to admit there is a problem, let alone doing anything about it.

What I want to know is: Why haven't the Nigerians engaged the Americans to scan the countryside and forest areas with drone spy-planes? Effectively hiding 200 school children and their army of captors can't be that easy. At least satellite and drone coverage might show up likely target areas for search teams.

And, it's not like the Nigerians can't afford it. They've scammed billions out of the rest of the world with their wealthy politicians and bankers wives that need help getting their dead husbands investment money out of the country and to the western world.

Topic: 'Skull Cracker' absconds from prison

Triggers: BBC News Report

My Grump: Michael Wheatley spotted in London

Michael Wheatley has failed to return after leaving an open prison and is now on the run. Police were called to an address in Twickenham, south-west London, on Monday evening, but did not find him.

Wheatley, 55, was given 13 life sentences in 2002 for a string of 13 raids over a 10-month period in 2001 and 2002 on banks and building societies, and was given the nickname of "Skull Cracker" for pistol-whipping victims, including a 73-year-old woman, during the raids, and all this while on parole from a 27-year sentence for other robberies.

What I want to know is: What was a lifer doing in an open prison? 13 life sentences? Who the hell is thinking this guy should ever be let out? What is the point of having life sentences? If we can't afford to keep them in prison, then bring back capital punishment and ease the burden on the tax payer.

Anybody who has read anything of mine will know my thoughts on how to treat terrorists, but is this man any better than a terrorist? He has terrorized shoppers, bank employees, other inmates and put numerous people in hospital, not to mention the lifetime of trauma and flashbacks suffered by his victims. Or does life just mean the lives of those he beat the crap out of and who have suffered with PTSD and been on tranquilizers ever since?

On Monday, Conservative backbencher Philip Davies, MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire, said whoever had allowed Wheatley out of prison was "a berk". Hoorah, Mr Davies, I agree with you. The fact that he's absconded, shows he's not really set on reform, and repeated acts of violence show he will always be a danger to the public.

The Prison Governors Association (PGA) said it was appalled at the comments made by Mr Davies. Oh, come on, jump up and down all you like, you got this one wrong and that's that. Even if you're right and open conditions are important for effective resettlement what is a 13 lifer doing preparing for release after such a short time? I sometimes wonder if you bleeding hearts had ever suffered at the hands of people like Wheatley, you'd be so content to fight in his corner.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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