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Thanks for visiting Here you will find things that I find funny, satisfy my sense of justice, or just plain make me mad as hell.

Special thanks go to my good friend Ernie, who let me use the caricature that somebody drew of him when he retired from the Somerset and Avon fire brigade, as the site logo. He's not adverse to having a good old moan himself, as he screams at the telly and shouts at the newspaper in a loud, gruff voice. But on the inside it's a very different story. He is a gentle, giant of a man, with a great sense of humour, and a kind, honest nature.

However, he, like me, can't abide stupidity in politicians, royals, celebrities, the clergy and anybody else who should know better, and when they are found out, they become fair game, just like they do to us, Joe Public, who have to grin and take the crap they dish out on a daily basis.

At the end of every page there is a place to add your comments, and I would invite you to do so. Please keep them relevant to the topic being discussed, and don't spam the pages with advertising or hate. Remember, moaning is ok, being miserable isn't ok, but mainly I want to hear your take on the same story.
Another Grumpy Bugger by Adam Wright
Lastly, did I miss something on the news? Want to send me a story? Let me know by clicking the email address below. I won't guarantee to look at them all, but I will do my best to get to them as time allows. Thanks, Phil Chave.

Special thanks also to Adam Wright who drew this picture of a Mr Grumpy for me to use on the website. This talented young man had no brief besides I needed a picture of a grumpy person, and this was the result.
Thank you Adam, I'm pleased to show off your work and use it here, and thanks to your dad for having the idea.

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