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Date: 02 February 2014

Today's Topic: My Creda 37056 spin dryer is kaputt

Triggers: They don't make things like they used too

My Grump: Repairing it is more expensive than a new one

Years ago I had a fridge that belonged to my grandmother. She gave it to me to start my furniture collection when I left home. It was already 25 years old when I had it, and it continued to work for another 10 years, including 2 as a maggot store, for my fishing, before ending up at the dump.

The 37056 Creda Spin Dryer I thought that would be some kind of a record in my lifetime, but defying all the odds, my Creda spin dryer has given up the ghost at age 37.

Rather annoyingly I was ready to repair it and stripped it down only to find that the spin mounts (rubber mountings that have bolt threads at both ends) had broken, probably as much through bad loading of the machine as aged and perished rubber mountings.

They act like the engine mounts in your car which allow the engine to vibrate, spin and transfer torgue to the gearbox, without any of that noise and vibration affecting the occupants of the car, which would make driving and travelling intolerably uncomfortable.

I looked online for spare mounts and was delighted to find them for 7.50. Now I thought, you know, age of the machine, the fact this was just a piece of rubber, that 7.50 was for the set of 6. But no, you guessed it, it was 7.50 each. Ouch!! The best part of 50, to fix something that probably cost less than a tenner in the first place.
White Knight spin dryer
The final straw was that a few of the splines in the flexible protective disc that you have to place over the clothes, but under the steel rim of the drum, which also needed replacing, was a cool 9.90 + 4.50 postage.

I know you've got to draw the line somewhere, and this was it. So I carried on stripping it down. Who knows, the motor, or other bits might come in handy. All of the nuts and bolts, and internal parts, are stainless steel, so will never rust, and may be useful in the garden, for fixing things. God alone knows what!

So now I'm the proud owner of this brand spanking new WHITE KNIGHT 28009W Spin Dryer in White from Currys.

I am left wondering one simple thing. Can you guess what it is? Yes, you're right. How long will this one last?

The clue is in the ridiculously short guarantee for such a product, of one year. Time will tell and I'll let you know. I have an idea the 25 or 30 years of use will never again apply to any product ever produced by anyone, except perhaps for your average one piece item with zero moving parts, like a metal dining fork, a spanner or a hammer.

Well done Creda, you're up there with Bendix, Tricity and Hotpoint in my estimation.

Have you had an old appliance that seemed like it would go on forever?
Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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