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Date: 04 October 2014

Today's Topic: Torrential Rain Forcast for Friday Night

Triggers: BBC Weather Report

My Grump: This crazy idea came in a wierd dream

The weather report on Friday the 3rd October warned of torrential rain sweeping across the country from West to East during the night.
Weather forcast
Indeed, they weren't wrong. I'm a light sleeper and I was awoken at around 4 in the morning with the noise of the rain beating down. Once I realized what it was, I went back to sleep.

In the morning, as it turned out, the weather reader was talking about 100mm of rain in some areas of Yorkshire, so it was pretty bad across the country. But once I fell back to sleep, I started dreaming.

I started dreaming that everyone in the country was being issued with hundreds of buckets. There was millions of them being handed out. People were even queuing to collect their buckets and keeping them in their shed or basement.
Lots of buckets
The idea was, whenever there was a storm warning on the TV, everyone would surround their houses, path, garden, road and pavement with these buckets.

It was the strangest sight. Rows and rows of buckets everywhere I looked. Up and down the street, lining the roads, in the parks, as far as I could see.

Once the storm had passed all of this water would still be in the buckets, leaving the ground to soak up the excess, or run off into the drains. This seemed to reduce the amount of water that would otherwise have become part of the flooding.

Once the storm had passed and whatever floodwater there was left had gone, you just emptied out the buckets.

What do you reckon to that idea? Don't you dream a pile of crap? If there's anyone out there who interprets dreams, please tell me what that was all about.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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