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Date: 12 December 2013

Today's Topic: GP Surgery Failings Exposed by Inspectors

Triggers: A BBC news story

My Grump: 'Maggot-infested' GP surgeries exposed by inspectors

The first national inspection of more than 900 GP surgeries in England finds one in three is failing to meet basic standards, with two so dirty they had maggots.

The Care Quality Commission said it had found examples of poor standards in the handling of medicines, vaccines and general cleanliness. Among the problems identified across the board were concerns about the way medicines were managed, with examples of emergency drugs being out of date and vaccines not kept in properly regulated fridges - something which could damage the effectiveness of the vaccine and cause outbreaks of disease.

However, I heard a different story.

Maggots on Carrion In another case, a practice was found to be carrying out patient consultations in a room with no door. But it was okay because patients could access the room directly from the carpark, entering the room via the low window sill, as a small ladder was strategically placed outside to facilitate easy entry.

Since this story was aired, I hear the two surgeries concerned have decided to come clean and admit the maggots were for the local witch doctor who collected them every Monday. One GP said, "Anyone who has ever seen Gladiator knows that maggots are good for cleaning wounds".

The same practice doctor is quoted as saying, "Good job they didn't check the other surgeries, otherwise we might really have been in trouble. That's where we keep all the leeches".

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