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September 2015
    World War 3 - Are we already fighting WW3?

August 2015
    The Forever War (Joe Haldeman) 1974 - A film by Ridley Scott
    Calais migrant crisis - Channel tunnel chaos, at last something is being done

July 2015
    The incompetence of BT - An appointment but nobody knew there was a problem

June 2015
    Summertime Blues - Another ploy to sell you something you don't need
    Beach attack in Tunisia - The slaughter of the innocents

May 2015
    BB King Dies Aged 89 - The King of Blues is gone, RIP

April 2015

March 2015
    Fly tipping on the increase - Time to deal with that blot on the landscape

February 2015
    Vigilante cyclist with a headcam - Idiotic motorist was taking the piss really
    Aircraft vapour trails - Upper atmospheric pollution streaking across the sky
    Gary Glitter - rock star to paedo - Serial paedophile soon to be a jailbird

January 2015
    The Alan Barnes story - A wonderful story to start the year
    The downfall of the NHS - Tottering on the brink of disaster
    Tower Bridge construction photos - Rare, never before seen pictures

December 2014
    Amazon Prime - Reasons why it annoys the hell out of me
    Bank closures - Could this be the answer?
    Apple's broken promises - The truth behind your iPhone

November 2014
    1.7 billion reasons to leave the EU - Fined for recession success in the Union
    No more selling your road tax - Heard about the latest government stealth tax?
    Royal Mail monopoly - Using privatisation as an excuse to screw the public
    The Tax Disc is no more - Some new uses for your tax disc holder

October 2014
    Drying clothes indoors - I wish I'd thought of this years ago
    How to solve UK flooding - Flooding solution discovered in a dream
    New airport anti-terrorist security device - No more need for Jack Bauer

September 2014
    Scotland votes 'NO' to independence - and 'YES' to a United Kingdom
    Changes to the Union Jack - What happens to the flag on independence day?
    Petrol quality, the difference is clear - Some interesting observations
    Banks and business fleeing Scotland - Come on Scotland - Vote NO!
    Road tax v CO emissions - Perfect exhaust emissions but still being ripped off!

August 2014
    Scottish independence vote - Come on Scotland - Vote NO!
    British extremists fighting in Syria and Iraq - Do we really want them home?
    Robin Williams died today - 1951-2014. Sadly missed, RIP Robin
    Dangerous packaging - Who needs a loaded gun when you have these?

July 2014
    Yeovilton Airday 2014 - Bit of a let down this year, sorry
    Antibiotics no longer working - Wiped out by the mighty superbug bacteria
    Expressions I hate - Really annoying expressions that get on your nerves
    Independent Midwives crisis - No insurance = no Independent Midwives, the end!

June 2014
    Soldier's Block wine of Australia - Great story, sour aftertaste
    Forced marriage now illegal - 20 years overdue but we got there
    Toothpaste pump dispensers - Whatever's happened to them?
    D-Day - 70th Anniversary Celebration 1944-2014
    PC World - a true story - Brainwashed sales assistants

May 2014
    Banksy - street art or vandalism - The debate continues
    SAS Black Ops - the movie - Could this be the worst movie of all time?
    Bitesize stories for May - Small items of news and interest

April 2014
    80% of public back 20mph speed limits - We'll be going backwards soon
    Jamaica Inn 2014 TV series BBC - Good drama, pity about the sound
    Appalling driving standards on motorways - We've reached an all time low
    Royal Marine gets ten years - Sergeant Blackman to appeal sentence

March 2014
    Children's views on marriage - I haven't laughed this much in ages
    The traffic wardens funeral - How can they generate this much hatred?
    The sour taste of energy bills - A simple way to save huge amounts of money
    The lies we tell our children - The adult way to keep kids in line
    Fined for taking kids on holiday - School holiday fines up over 70%
    Flooding on the Somerset levels - The evidence for dredging and pumping
    Ads you'll never see again - The best of the worst, or, only in America
    NHS appointment FTU's - The cost of missed appointments is in the millions
    Pistorius pleads not guilty - I have a question for you Oscar

February 2014
    The winter weather - See the cause of all this bad weather and recent flooding
    Flooding on the Somerset levels - Months under water and still the rains come
    The poor man's posh car - A little luxury at an affordable price
    Fined for taking kids out of school - Okay stop holiday companies ripping us off
    Text me thin - Motivational texts for obese patients
    Goodbye faithful Creda - My spin dryer consigned to the dump after 37yrs

January 2014
    Light bulb lies - Energy efficient? Yes. Terrible lighting? Definitely!
    Choosing a password - How hard can it be?
    Things that drive me insane - A place to get it off your chest
    The best squirrel trap ever! - Damned if you do, damned if you don't
    Green waste collection - Proposed charges for green waste collection
    Windows Live Mail - The new Microsoft mantra; more is less

December 2013
    One is NUT amused! - Police told to leave the Queen's nuts alone
    Tesco crowned - Why I will never shop at Tesco's again, ever!
    GP surgery has maggots - Inspectors find maggots in a GP surgery

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    Telepest - Dealing with scams, spam, and unwanted marketing calls
    Tips - Clever little tips, tricks and ideas to save you money, time or hassle
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