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Date: 10 August 2014

Today's Topic: British extremists going to Syria and Iraq to fight for an Islamic State

Triggers: BBC News Report

My Grump: All this pussy-footing around is going to get us all killed

I keep hearing on the news how these fanatical jihadist terrorists that are leaving Britain to fight some cause in Syria or Iraq will one day be coming home to Britain and bringing their extremist ways with them.

I agree, this is a real threat to us all. I am convinced that these Islamic State extremists are trying to take over the world. Depending on the number of them; some estimates are as many as 500; they could be spread all over the United Kingdom, waiting for a signal from overseas to unleash hell.

Surely the answer has got to be: CANCEL THEIR BLOODY PASSPORT FOREVER! And the ones that have come back already, send them packing.

How can this be difficult? Look I know you'll get the bleeding hearts who will want to bring them back into the fold, and the bloodsucking lawyers who keep us all tied up in court because of their human rights (The case of Abu Qatada, a suspected terrorist, now held in a high security jail near the Jordanian capital Amman, is a case in point). When you engage in terrorism, you have no right to expect to be protected by our laws, that are designed to protect the innocent.

Remember the innocent? Those people who risk their lives to take food, medicine and shelter to some tiny village that have suffered the aftermath of your terror. These are the very people you kidnap and demand a ransom for. Where are their human rights, when you torture, imprison and kill them? The world is a topsy-turvy place, and coming down hard against terrorism, by striking at the very core, while protecting our borders is very important.

We live in a country known for moderation and tolerance. We have laws to make us moderate and tolerant, even if we don't always feel that way. So much so, that the mere mention of the word 'racist' now makes us all squirm and feel uncomfortable, just in case we have broken some bloody law that says you can't say what you've just said, or think what you're thinking anymore. So now we've gone the other way, and those who want to change our fundamental way of life with their own quirky ways are doing so without any resistence at all. Ultimately we will all pay the price of that, and you only have to read the papers to understand what I'm talking about here (The 1400 children of Rotheram abused by Pakistani men over many years shows how much we, as a nation, now fear standing up to the race issues).

Anyway, back to these terrorists. A man, one of three people from Cardiff, have joined a jihadist group in Syria, has said he is willing to die for the cause. It's been all over the news and papers. Well, with all due respect to his family who are exhausted and traumatised by his decision, I think we should let him. If he ever came home, how could you trust him anywhere near a supermarket, public building, railway station, London underground, or anwhere else the public gather, ever again? You couldn't, could you?

Aseel Muthana (the person referred too), was asked how he could defend the brutality of Isis killings in Syria. He said he stood by Sharia law and was glad to be out there (I'm afraid I don't understand what Sharia law is, but if it means this behaviour is ok, then it can't be right, can it?). He also said there were "loads" of other men from Britain who have also joined up.

MI5 have estimated there are around 500 of these brainwashed extremists in the UK already. I say brainwashed, because these people have chosen to believe all the twisted interpretations of Islam, rather than the real message. We kind of did the same during the crusades and the witch trials. But we have to face the facts that 500 people are hard to trace, follow, track and generally keep under surveillance, probably for the rest of their lives. This number is likely to rise.

Tracking British jihadists fighting in Syria is now the top priority for MI5. But this is a very expensive job, both in manpower and equipment. It is pleasing to hear that Imams at mosques across the UK have been using Friday prayers to discourage young Muslim men from fighting in Syria. I hope their request is sincere and not just banter for the press. Part of the arguement is that you never hear of muslims in power speaking out against terrorism, which kind of makes me think they don't really believe it. But on a personal note, most Muslims that I know just want to live peacefully and don't want to be part of, or see themselves, in a global struggle.

The question that always seems to be asked is what to do with these people when they return to the UK. My questions is; why are we even asking this question? We are allowing trained terrorists back into the country, to go back to claiming their dole, or whatever it is they do, and there is, or will be an estimated 500 of them fairly soon.

And also, as ISIS becomes stronger in the region and carves out a region of it's own, it will be able to plan and commit acts of terrorism against the West any time it likes. So what happens when they spread toward the West and bang up against the border of a Nato ally? Will Thomas Cook start doing package holidays for radicalised extremists across the border into some vast ISIS state?

I don't see why it is so difficult to cancel the passports of jihadi extremists. I've read stories of people being turned away from entering the United States because of something they wrote on their Facebook page. And I understand that following the twin towers they are a little paranoid, but allowing trained terrorists back home like they've been away on a summer holiday is utter madness. These people give up the right to live in a peaceful, civilized society, when they sign up to training in terrorist tactics and hatred of the west.

On the morning of Thursday, 7 July 2005, four Islamist men detonated four bombs three in quick succession aboard London Underground trains across the city and, later, a fourth on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. As well as the four bombers, 52 civilians were killed and over 700 more were injured in the attacks.

MI5 have already said that 500 is too many to keep tabs on. But just imagine if only 100 of them got together, they could cripple the entire London underground in 10 seconds flat. I know I'm going to be called all the names under the sun for even saying such a thing, but I'm not rascist, nor anything like that, I just want to live in peace, and I want everyone else to live in peace.

UPDATE 30 August 2014: David Cameron says the UK is now on the highest level of alert for years. At least 250 British jihadists who have fought in war-torn Syria are feared to be back on the streets in the UK posing a massive threat to our security. MI5 have made tracking down the jihadists their number one priority fearing they will use their newly-acquired skills to launch terror attacks in the UK many of whom will have been trained in bomb-making and how to launch insurgent attacks.

The Prime Minister has pledged to introduce new laws to deal with the threats posed by Islamic State extremists, including removing passports of radicalised Muslims seeking to join the fighting in the Middle East.

Well come on then Mr C. get on with it, this is already getting out of hand.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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