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Date: 26 January 2014

Today's Topic: Light Bulb Lies

Triggers: Claims of long life that are a complete farce

My Grump: Somebody's lying and calling it Global Warming

These new energy efficient light bulbs may use less energy, but they are hopeless at lighting a room and even worse for reading.

The promise is that they last for years, use tiny amounts of energy and are better for the environment. Not true, and it seems LED's aren't any better.

The overall cost of running a light bulb, whether incandescent or energy efficient, not only includes the power it takes to run it, but the cost of buying it in the first place. So your average hundred watt bulb (100W) used to cost about 15p, whereas your so called energy efficient bulbs can cost anywhere from 3.50 to 7 or even 8 each. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs These bulbs have got to use much less power and run for much, much longer, to justify their horrendous upfront cost, which for the most part, they are failing to do.

The other lie, sorry justification, for the huge additional cost is that the box they come in has some huge number on it like 15,000hrs or 20,000hrs of life. This obviously fictitious number is supposed to give an idea of the projected life of the bulb. Now here's a thought, perhaps they deteriorate just by virtue of the fact they are inside the box and sitting on your shelf in your bulb cupboard. I reckon that's it you know, they break down over time whether you use them or not!

Anyway, I digress; if that were true (the 10,000-20,000hrs bit), the real cost of running them would be well inside the cost of power hungry bulbs, and would outperform these older bulbs many times over. But has anybody EVER had one of these bulbs last as long as the claim on the box? Not on your nellie! In fact, sometimes you can take off a couple of 00's and you'd be nearer the mark.

This is all backed up by a new report by the consumer group Which?. More than a quarter of LED light bulbs do not live up to their long-life claims.
An Energy Efficient Light Bulb
The brand spanking new LED lightbulb is a rip-off: One in four expensive 'long-life' bulbs doesn't last anything like as long as the makers claim. When Which? tested 46 types of these bulbs for endurance, more than a quarter did not meet claims of a 15,000-hour life, despite some claiming to last up to 25,000 hours. Some even fell below the legal minimum of 6,000 hours. Yet, they cost anything up to 40 times as much as an ordinary light bulb.

There's one more thing that most fail to consider. Old 100W bulbs used to get very hot, and in the autumn, winter or spring, added some very useful heat into a room, which often was sufficient to just take the chill off a room. Rip out all your old bulbs for these 'cool' new ones and you can notice the difference in the room temperature immediately. This means the boiler kicks in early, and stays on for longer.

There was a time ago, when I had spotlights in the ceiling above my computer desk. The heat they radiated all around me would keep me warm as well as lighting my workspace. This saved power, as, if the rest of the house was unoccupied, the heat from these lights was sufficient to work by and be comfortable. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Now, I have to fire up a 60,000Btu boiler and heat the whole house, and I can assure you that little monster uses more gas than a couple of hundred watts of electricity.

I value my eyesight far too much to play this stupid game any longer. When we go on holiday, we usually find that holiday homes invariably have totally useless lighting, probably to save money. You can't read comfortably, or do much else, so you make beeping noises when walking across a room so you don't bump into each other. I take a selection of extension cables and extra large lights just to compensate for this.

If the light you're using is to dim, the wrong colour, or the wrong 'temperature', and causes you eye strain or headaches, it's doing damage, perhaps irreparable damage, and therefore time to change it for something stronger.

I have no doubt that one day they will make these bulbs neat, energy efficient, less of a strain on the eye, the right colour, and last as long as they state on the packet, but that day is a long way off and in the meantime we have to put up with what's offered, like we have a choice.

The light bulb display board in Morrisons says: 'The old incandescent light bulbs are no longer available. Choose the best light bulb for your situation from this selection'. Well, I have to tell you, the 'old' incandescent lightbulb WAS THE BEST LIGHTBULB FOR MY SITUATION, but now I can't get them. Boo!

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