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Date: 16 August 2015

Today's Topic: Channel Tunnel migrant crisis leads to chaos in UK

Triggers: BBC News Report

My Grump: The political will to do something is long overdue

Home Secretary Theresa May has signed a UK-France deal to tackle the Calais migrant crisis, as plans for a "control and command centre" are announced. The centre will be jointly run by British and French police and will "relentlessly pursue" people-smuggling gangs, the Home Office said.

But Home Secretary Theresa May said she was "well aware" of the risk that Calais security would push illegal migrants elsewhere. This after about 3,000 migrants are thought to be camped in Calais in the hope of crossing the Channel.
Operation Stack
Extra security measures have recently been put into place and are making a difference, but the number of attempted break-ins remains "unacceptable". Migrants in Calais make nightly bids to cross the Channel into the UK, causing delays on some cross-Channel services. Including more than 3,500 lorry drivers who have been told to queue on the M20 following disruption at the Channel Tunnel. Called 'Operation Stack', with the M20 being used as a linear lorry park for vehicles which are unable to cross the Channel. The long queues have closed the M20 coastbound carriageway between junctions 7 and 13.

The UK government says it is spending 7m to improve security at the terminal, but accepts there is still more work to do. Extra fencing, paid for by the UK, has been erected, aimed at making it harder for migrants to get onto the platforms and trains at the terminal. Additional CCTV cameras, infra-red detectors and floodlighting have also been installed to secure key segments of the fence.
Calais Migrant Camp
However, French police have told the BBC the fences are a "short-term solution" and that migrants will simply move to places where security is weaker. Of course that's true, but at least with a free-flow of legitimate traffic using the tunnel, deliveries and travellers can go about their business unimpeded. Afterall, it's not their fault, is it?

If you stop trade with Europe, you also stop the flow of income that goes to pay towards legitimate immigration. The migrant crisis has cost millions in lost trade, trashed perishable cargo and hold ups.

France announced it is to send extra police officers to guard the tunnel, as up to 1,500 migrants attempt to enter the Channel Tunnel and cross into the UK on most nights. To do this, they cut fencing, destroy property, put their lives at risk, and that of the people who are sent to arrest them or save them when they get into trouble.

However, I have an idea.

It's getting to the point where we are being forced to take responsibility for everybody else's stupidity. If we put up tall fences to stop the illegal immigration, the bleeding hearts will soon require us to put matteresses and bean bags on the other side so they don't hurt themselves when they fall.

While everyone is putting up fences, make it 3 layers thick and ELECTRIFY the middle one.

I'm aware this is controversial, but please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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