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Date: 12 December 2013

Today's Topic: Police Told to Leave the Queen's Nuts Alone

Triggers: A BBC news story

My Grump: One is NUT amused!!

Queen Elizabeth II The Queen was most "upset" about police officers eating all the nuts and snacks left out at Buckingham Palace, the BBC has heard. She was "irritated" by officers eating the snacks and a memo has been sent to palace officers, telling them to "keep their sticky fingers out".

The Queen marked the level in bowls of nuts left around Buckingham Palace as she was "irritated" by police officers eating them by the hand full, "apparently they were helping themselves to nuts" and scoffing the lot.

However, I heard a different story.

Peanuts A spokesman for the Queen said, "Her Majesty was most surprised and yet very grateful that the nuts weren't wasted".

He said, "It turns out that once she has sucked all the chocolate off the nuts, they get stuck under her plate and are sent for recycling, and feels this to be a waste of perfectly good nuts."

"Let them eat nuts!", she cried.

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