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Date: 04 September 2014

Today's Topic: The CO to Road Tax Equation

Triggers: New MOT

My Grump: 285 Road Tax on a car that emits 0% CO (carbon monoxide) gas

My car road tax ran out at the end of August and the annual charge is a wallet curdling 285.00 a year. I HAD nothing to say. Government departments are geared up to rip us off as often as possible and for as much as possible. That's life!
Car Tax Disc
But today I took the car in for a MOT. The CO emissions test, where they stick a pipe up your exhaust came back as a tiny little zero percent. That's right, 0%.

The car is a 280 S Class Mercedes, from 2001, with only 93,000 on the clock from new. I rarely do more than 8,000 miles a year. The engine is sweet as a nut and clean as a whistle, and the car is a real gem among beasts of the road looking nothing like it's advanced years.

However, my 8,000 a year is a mere pittance of the miles your average family saloon covers, and insignificant to the miles your average rep drives in a year. Yet despite this, I have to pay 285.00 road tax for a car that in real poundage emits less CO gas into the atmosphere than either your rep on 100,000 miles a year, or your average family car covering 15-20,000 miles a year.
Mercedes S280
Nothing is better than ZERO PERCENT, is it?

I know road tax has been made deliberately confusing in recent years. The goalposts have been repeatedly shifted by the Government in a bid to promote greener motoring. But this is a bit of a lie really. Perhaps you're expecting me to emit less than zero. Now that'd be clever, right?

If I keep my car on the road for a few more years, it will eventually become more expensive to repair than to buy a new one, when it will be scrap. Now the Government wants me to make this decision earlier than planned so as to meet it's targets for CO2 emissions.

But the fact is, the amount of energy it takes to create a new car from scratch produces a 100 times more greenhouse gas than I will put into the atmosphere between now and the time I am forced to scrap mine.

Include the fact that a new car has nowhere near the build quality and lifespan of the car in question, and even if I had a new car now, I would probably be thinking of scrapping it at about the same time as my current older car that is far superior in quality and design.

Can anyone tell me where the saving is here? The fact is, these old cars, with low mileage are actually SAVING greenhouse gas, not contributing more than their fair share. Sure, pint for pint they might not compete with these new cars in terms of environmentally friendly mileage, but these are already here, the energy has been used to make it, the green house gases are already processed and back into the trees. So why break up something that has already cost so much? In favour of something that hasn't even been built yet, but will cost a huge amount of the very thing you are trying to save. Don't make sense.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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