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Date: 17 November 2014

Today's Topic: Bashing Royal Mail

Triggers: Personal Experience

My Grump: Using privatisation as an excuse to screw the public

Have you noticed how often Royal Mail update their price list? It's getting to be almost monthly now. Some committee sitting round a table looking to see how they can squeeze another quid out of us everytime we have to send something via their system. It's getting beyond a joke.

And do you know what they tell you at the post office if you question anything? "You try delivering your parcel to some other part of the country for 3.20, and see how far you get."

Which of course, misses the point entirely. Such is the IQ or your average postal worker. If they were taking them one at a time, then of course it's going to cost 100 to drive across a county or two. When you take a million or three every day, then the price comes down a tad. Or, you'd think so.

This picture here is of a large letter postal box, which I have to use regularly. Now, of course, there is a size limit on the box. However, the box is "sold" as a large letter box. So what happens?

Letter Size Guide You add one thickness of sellotape to the edges of the box, so that when it is in their care, and is crushed and dumped into a sack, then kicked into the back of a van, and then thrown across a sorting warehouse, before going back through being kicked, dumped and crushed prior to delivery, someone behind the counter says, "There ain't enough postage on here, it's too thick for me measurer thingy".

In my confused state, I have stuck a large letter 1st class stamp on the box. This is the correct postage, but the counter girl is trying to say that the box sold to me by Royal Mail, won't fit through their own bloody hole!

If you think I'm joking about how your average item is abused. Just look at the latest Royal Mail price guide which is valid from 20th October 2014. The first page you come to is, quite rightly, the size and weight guide, which is a bit of a joke in itself. Everytime you look at this, the sizes change to push your parcel or letter ever higher up the pricing scale.
Cardboard Large Letter Box
That's right, your same size letter/parcel is not only in a new category, which makes it more expensive, but the category price has gone up as well. So we won't just screw you once, we'll do it twice. Thanks for that, perhaps the second extra is to cover the dividends.

Whoops! I've gone off on one again. Turn to the next page, page 4. The first actual postal pricing is to do with Guaranteed services. You might be excused for thinking this is for guaranteed deliveries, and it's set up to look like that. But what they're really selling you is INSURANCE that your product will ever get there at all. Except they call it 'compensation'.

For crying out loud! You're being asked to pay extra protection money so that your parcel will meander through their system unscathed and come out the other side in one piece!

I've seen "The Godfather" dozens of times. Wasn't this how they made their money? Protecting business premisis for a cut? Does this make Royal Mail the modern day mafia?

We've all just come through a bloody tough recession. None of us knows whether it's even really over yet. Yet everyone want's to be a special case and increase their prices much more than inflation, not just once, but over and over again. Royal Mail has been one of the worst culprits in this regard.

Please note: This has been my gripe against Royal Mail, who couldn't get away with this if there was fair competition in the mail market. It is in no way a reflection of the kind and good people who run my local Post Office.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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