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Date: 3 May 2014

Today's Topic: The movie SAS Black Ops

Triggers: The film makers who conned me out of 8.00

My Grump: Can't believe I fell for and been ripped off by the marketing hype

I'm the first to admit that I've made some real bad choices when it comes to buying movies, but I'd be hard pressed to name one that is worse than SAS Black Ops.

The cover looked exciting, the story speel not so much, but I have so much respect for the guys in the SAS that anything that is done in their name spikes my attention. Unfortunately, the people who made this film know little or nothing about the SAS, and the marketing department only wanted to ride on the back of the SAS to sell their trash.

Firstly, the cover picture has absolutely nothing to do with the film. The endorsements mean nothing as one of them ( doesn't even exist.

I'm not against film makers doing things on the cheap, nor am I bothered that they have little or no experience of the film industry besides their own enthusiasm. What I take exception to is selling it to me as if it is a brilliant film with Hollywood style labelling, synopsis, and endorsements from outside film agencies. In other words conning me into buying something it's not!

I don't know whether I'm just angry at myself for falling for it. I guess I am really. Yes, I admit, I was sold by the cover. Another example of media marketeers fraudulently persuading the idle browser that the film is worth a look.

But I feel the real insult is to the SAS and the elite fighting men that we should all be so proud of.

I checked the reviews on Amazon after seeing the film and one person had this to say: "Properly had my pants ripped off me, gutted I'm 8 down. I totally fell for the fact it was sat on the supermarket shelf amongst the current crop of Hollywood Blockbusters. Next I got sucked in by the cover image and the cover reviews!
SAS Black Ops, The Movie
Bought it and stuck it in the DVD Player to witness some pretty lousy viewing. I don't mean to sound offensive, hats off to any film enthusiasts and wannabe actors but there's some serious smoke and mirrors going on with the way in which this DVD set is packaged and marketed. There's a time and a place for this type of film and it's not here! Regardless of how this film managed to hit major retailers it's a serious fail as far as I'm concerned."

This reflects my thoughts exactly.
Another reviewer says; "This is an utterly cynical attempt to part people with their money and it is basically fraud." This is a reference to the branding of the product over the content.

Basically this should have stayed in the B movie category (or even C, or Z), and been supplied to the social media audiences, or the cable channels that like that kind of thing. Just occasionally, these B movies grow to gain cult status, like "Enemy Mine", "Nightmare on Elm Street" or "The Usual Suspects" and "Pulp Fiction", but alas, I fear, probably not this one.

Basically, this is the worst DVD I have ever bought, and that includes years worth of collecting old video films too.

Finally, another reviewer reflects my own disgust: "Please do not waste your money on this film, the acting and filming is awful. This film is an insult to the skills and capabilities of the SAS just as 'he who dares' is... I switched it off.. The cover and the pictures mislead the purchaser into thinking we are getting one hell of a good film. good branding, terrible film."

My final thought to you? Ignore me at your peril!

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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