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Date: 28 August 2014

Today's Topic: The Question of Scottish Independence

Triggers: BBC News Report

My Grump: Of course the Scots have every reason to be grumpy with us English, but it's important to remember the chance to switch sides does not revert back after five years. Once you vote Yes, we all live with the consequences forever.

Alex Salmond is a master at stirring up resentment and an opportunist. His whole campaign has been about poisoning relations between Scotland and England, and blaming everything that is wrong in Scotland on injustices imposed on the North by London. But Salmond's arguments have not been targetted against his direct opposition, but against the Tories, who are widely loathed by his compatriots, and this guarantees that at least someone will listen to him.

Salmond says: 'If we are better together, why are we not better together already?' We are better already. We've been bonded by war and peace for hundreds of years. We've shared together our triumphs of science and commerce, of literature and art, of industry and exploration of the deep oceans, of military prowess and at the same time, building the resources on Scottish shores that have preserved the peace. We stood side by side when Scottish banks collapsed, and the high speed links with the North will bring Scotland in from the outer edges of Europe.

Letting Salmond's fringe group of cranks take over the running of a country would be like allowing Screaming Lord Sutch take over the English parliament with his Monster Raving Loony Party at the helm. No country deserves that.

What is unclear, and something Salmond and his supporters steer well clear of, is how an independent Scotland would earn it's living. It is his failure to answer the fundamental questions of economics that cause his argument for independence to falter. This is why he focuses on currency and increased spending to tempt the masses toward his thinking, when he has no way of paying for it. Even one of the most prominent of Scotlands independence supporters, Sir Sean Connery, chooses to pay tax elsewhere than the UK. Salmond's only way to find the finances necessary is to raise income tax, which would increase the drain of the clever, industrious and rich from the country still further. So ultimately he'd end up with less, not more.

Here's what happens when you put the 'F' on the door of the train. Yes, that's right, you get the truth!
Salmond on the Flying Scotsman
I know this is photoshop play, but it's quite brilliant really.

In the first year of independence Scotlands debt would rise by several billion and the burden of repayment would fall on the precious few that were in a position to pay off the debt. Salmond's socialist paradise would soon prove pretty distasteful to the population when the bills came in later on.

He would move from his hated of English austerity measures, to the rather harsher measures imposed by Europe, such as have been seen in Greece or Spain. I wonder what his popularity would be like then, but quite honestly, I don't think he's thought that far ahead. His ambition seems to be to win this referendum and little else matters afterwards.

People of Scotland, the United Kingdom is like a body. A body is united within itself. When one part is sick, the rest of the body helps out. It is a phenomenon of the immune system to call on other parts of the whole to make the whole better again. Whenever you cut off a limb, the whole gets weaker. The limb dies but the body is not as good, or able as before.

Alex Salmond doesn't care about you, Alex Salmond only cares about Alex Salmond. The entire 'Yes' campaign has been about the Salmond, Salmond, Salmond ego.

Even before all this referendum started I used to watch him on the news being interviewed, and I never liked him even then. All I ever saw was a smarmy expression whenever the camera was pointed his way that said; 'Look mum, I'm on the telly'. His body language and way of answering was all about ego, it was all about Alex and 'aren't I wonderful' and 'where's my Knighthood'? And it's the same thing now.
The Pound Salmond Style
If he gets his way and wins, the purpose of the vote will have been fulfilled, which is to swell Alex's ego to the Nth degree. Whether he will be able to follow it up with leadership of an independent country is another matter, because I suspect his enthusiasm will peter-out once the election is over.

Yes, there are problems with the Union. Any organization as large as the UK has things that can be improved. But, this is best done around a table or on a conference call, not from the outside looking in, but from the INSIDE, where you already are. It's clear many, many people in Scotland are not happy with the way things are. Whether it's more than half we shall see on voting day.

The best way to solve problems and discontent, is together and from a common platform. STRENGTH IN UNITY, WEAKNESS BY DIVISION. With only 21 days to the independence referendum I really hope enough NO voters turn out to keep Scotland British.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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