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Date: 1-30 June 2015

Today's Topic: Summertime Blues; a new disease to worry us all

Triggers: Report in a health magazine

My Grump: Big Pharma isn't making enough money on Winter blues pills (or Seasonal Affected Disorder SAD) anymore, so they've invented Summertime Blues (Summer SAD or reverse seasonal depression)

If you feel tired and drained of energy in the summer, the main symptoms of this new problem to affect us all, the chances are you're dehydrated. So DRINK MORE!!

But of course that's too easy, and there are already a myriad companies selling bottles of overpriced water to quench the thirst of the sunbathing masses. So lets promote a few pills and a prescription from the doctor to find relief instead.
Pouring Water
The magazine goes on to explain that even doctors are often unaware of the symptoms. One wonders if that's because the problem is a made up one and doesn't really exist.

In my world, sunshine is good, sunshine is healthy and sunshine is wholesome. Warmth is beautiful, blue skies make me feel better and rising temperatures are less damaging to my wallet. So what is all the fuss about?

The article gives a list of symptoms; reduced appetite, insomnia, agitation and restlessness as well as an increased sense of heat at night. A general feeling of being miserable for no obvious reason and an inability to enjoy previously pleasurable activities are common, so says the article. All of these are feelings that 50% of the population have most of the time anyway, whether the sun shines or not, and curiously enough, these are the same symptoms available to you for a diagnosis of winter blues.

The first and most important thing to do for any of these symptoms is DRINK A GLASS OF WATER!
Summer Meadow with Wheat
What triggers summer SAD remains unclear. But many believe that the increased exposure to sunlight and rising temperatures in summer are key causes. Uh NO! That is a reason to be full of hope and happiness. It has been that way for countless millenia. If someone feels down and depressed in the summer, it is because of another cause. A long term illness, someone died, financial problems, family or relationship problems. Look there first.

Researchers think genes play a part as more than two thirds of people, so say, suffering from summer SAD, have a relative with some form of mental illness. So surely there's your answer right there. So often mental disorders lead to, or are caused by, depression.

If you are hot, drink something, sit by a fan, take a cool shower, remove some layers of clothes, open a window and let the air circulate, but for god's sake, enjoy the summer sunshine and stop bitching about how horrible it feels to be warm.

Have you noticed how every year a new disease is dreamt up by somebody wanting to sell you something?

I don't expect you to agree with me. Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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