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Date: 10 November 2014

Today's Topic: Tax Discs have ended

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My Grump: There are going to be thousands of motorists in court because they forgot to renew their road tax

Everyone hates paying their road tax. Well, that's only partly right. Most would happily pay the road tax if it was fair and if the money was actually spent on the roads, filling potholes, building new ones, making junctions safer etc, rather than lining some politicians pocket.

When I first heard of genetically modified (GM) crops many years ago, I used to think that some clever scientist was going to create a new bush that would eat car exhaust fumes and lock it up in the leaves and stalk forever, or break it down gently before releasing oxygen back into the air. I honestly believed that someone would have the idea to divert some of the road tax money into this kind of research.

The idea would be to line every roadside, motorway and roundabout. People could grow it in their gardens if they wanted and every patch of wastland would have it. It would have predetermined dimensions, including height and density, so as not to impede the vision of drivers, and would be genetically modified to vastly increase it's uptake of CO, CO2 and other exhaust gases, so we could begin to undo some of the damage we were doing to the environment. How naive!

Anyway, now the tax disc is gone, but the bill remains as high as ever. The difference now is that if you forget to pay it, you will end up in court with a hefty fine. At least having it on display in the windscreen reminded me that the dreaded day was approaching and that I should get down the post office to renew it.

So what do we do, instead of taking out the tax disc holder? We find another use for it. Here are some that have been floating around the internet.

Tax Disc Holding Anadin Tax Disc Holder with Chocolate Biscuit Poppy Holder
For when you get a headache     :     For your sweet tooth     :     Somewhere to keep your poppy

Somewhere to put your parking change Jammie Dodger Holder When it's time for elevenses
Handy place to keep your parking change     :     For when you get a little peckish     :     Tea break time

Handy place for your spare stamps Use as a flower press As a childs toy monster pocket
A handy stamp holder     :     Sprout seeds or use as a flower press     :     A childs small toy holder

Please send me your ideas and pictures

Can you believe some silly buggers are selling tax discs on eBay as collectors items; many have price tags in the hundreds and thousands? I even saw one for a million. Can't imagine who that belonged to. Well, I don't know who's dafter, the sellers or the buyers.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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