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Date: 20 December 2013

Today's Topic: Telepest Numbers

Triggers: The 5-10 calls I get a day where there's nobody on the other end.

My Grump: These are numbers that call me pretty much daily. I never knowingly answer them, and neither should you. Once you answer, even if you hang up, the number is registered as active, the time of day logged that you are home, and your number is sold to every telepest marketeer on the planet. Before you know it, you are getting calls from all over the world at all times of the day and night.

Everyday I get calls from these morons. Often 'withheld', 'unavailable', or 'international' is what shows up on my caller display. I have long since found the cure to my raised blood pressure, and let all such numbers go to answerphone. Othertimes there are strange numbers with codes that you will not immediately recognize. These go to answerphone too, but I also put them into Google and usually find they are attached to some fraud, scam or scummy practice, like PPI claims, tax refunds, lawyers who want to represent me in a whiplash claim. You know the kind of thing I mean.

Please print and distribute freely and/or add your own telepest numbers below. On the upside, I have recently noticed a big drop in the number of calls from these people. I'm putting this down to not answering them, and conclude that even the most persistent caller must get the message in the end.

01269 849064 - mostly silent calls. Otherwise, solicitors or a claims management org wanting to scam insurance companies with dubious whiplash claims using your recent accident details.

01872 262620 - Galvan. A legitimate finance group who offer free advice but then bombard you with calls to manage your money for you.

0121 766 6960 - mostly silent. Otherwise, a company calling themselves EFS and want to talk regarding Halifax home insurance or Legal and General life assurance. Really pesky and persistent.

0161 939 0227 - Pretty sure this is a pensions scam.

0161 814 9561 - Keep calling regarding loans, counselling services, or financial advice. Persistent little buggers.

0161 259 1475 - More solar panel nonsense (a pre-recorded voice).

0121 213 5610 - Say they are Midland Times. Seems like an insurance scam regarding noisy work environments.

Please add your telepest number below, thank you.

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