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Date: 2 December 2013

Today's Topic: Why I Will Never Shop at Tesco Again, Ever!

Triggers: A 460.00 bill for a tooth crown

My Grump: Being messed around for a whole year by the complaints dept at Tesco.

I am so fed up today you wouldn't believe it! I started writing this page and dug out all the information pertaining to it, so I could give you an accurate story. But when I read through the letters from Tesco, I decided to cave in and send them the information they wanted and give them one last chance.

Floating around in my drawer for a couple of years has been a little plastic pouch with the remains of my shattered back tooth, and the lump of quartz that was the cause, or so I thought.

I get ready to send it off to Tesco, with the packaging, only to discover that while the tooth is still in the bag, the lump of quartz is missing! I'm pretty certain it got seperated when I took the photo's of it (see below). I'm sure it is safely taped to a piece of card somewhere, but I can't for the life of me remember where I put it.

The little bag that's been floating round in the drawer, that I keep thinking, I'll deal with this soon, didn't contain the vital piece of evidence I thought it did. So now I'm pissed at myself, but even more pissed with Tesco for stalling and writing cheap apology letters in the hope I will go away. Now I don't have a choice.

Fruit and Fibre Cereal During the autumn of 2011 I was eating Tesco's Fruit and Fibre breakfast cereal, when I chewed on something hard and shattered a back tooth. I was able to retrieve the pieces of tooth and the hard substance, and visited the dentist, as the sharp edge of the remaining tooth was cutting into my tongue and causing it to bleed. I needed a crown to repair the damage at a cost of 460. That was when I wrote to Tesco.

They wanted the evidence, and so I scanned the cereal packet, took photos of the lump of quartz and sent these off, along with my dentist bill. This wasn't good enough, they wanted all the evidence. We went back and forth for about a year with this stalemate. It's just a tactic companies use to see who quits first.

Now, I figure, letting Tesco have all the evidence is like the police investigating their own corruption; evidence is lost, twisted, fudged and generally contaminated until it is useless or non-existent. I wouldn't and don't trust Tesco not to drop my items and letter into landfill, and so declined to send them until I had taken advice from a lawyer.

These are pictures of the lump of quartz-like material that did the damage. I'll spare you pictures of the shattered tooth, but the crown looks swish. Nah, you don't want to see that, it's still attached.
Quartz Lump   Lump of Quartz
In the meantime, we had some losses in the family and so all this went on the backburner for another 12-18mths, until now. I figured I'd put all this on Grumpy Bugger, because I'm sure this is not a one off.

Have you found yourself at the mercy of a giant corporation? You can't really win; they have more lawyers up the wazoo than you can shake a stick at, or prise out with a stick, I'm not sure which.

Frankly, I've given up caring anymore. I look at it this way.
I read somewhere that Tesco's profit margins are somewhere around 20%. Our bank statements show we were spending around 400 a month on food and for both cars around 200 a month on fuel.

So an average spend with Tesco's of around 600 a month. Multiply this by 12 and you get 7200 a year. 20% of that number is 1440 in profit.

We never used to shop around, preferring instead to spend the time together, either out with friends or at home. But since this little fiasco with Tesco, we have put some effort into changing our habits and found that alternative supermarkets, like Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons and Lidl are just about equidistant from our home and so shopping there has cost the same in fuel, but we are saving at least all of the profit that Tesco used to get.

I realize that the giant that is Tesco doesn't care about my tooth, or the 1440 it is losing from little old me, but the payoff for my family has been, for a little extra bother shopping around, we save enough money to take an extra family holiday every year. THANKS TESCO!

Please share your ideas below, thank you.

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