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Start Date: 28 December 2013

Today's Topic: Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Save you Money, Time or Hassle

Triggers: Because you don't need to spend tons of money solving life's problems

My Grump: No grump, just some ideas that get a "that's a good idea Firry, you are clever!", when the wife likes one of my efforts to make life easier. I still don't recall when Phil became Firry, but there it is.

1. Chicken carcass. The bird carcass left over after Xmas, or Sunday dinner, is as attractive to dogs, rats and seagulls as iron filings to a magnet. They will peck and tear at bags and boxes to get at the rich, meaty contents (even if it is only skin and bone), leaving your driveway, pavement or yard full of debris and a big mess for you to clean up, again and again, until bin day. The answer is to keep an old spray bottle with half and half, bleach and water. Spray the carcass with the bleachy water and wrap tight in several old plastic bags. This will do the trick!

2. Arthritis sufferers. I thought this was unlikely to be any good but I can say that it helped me immensely. Soak sultanas (or raisins) in gin, in a sealed container. When the sultanas swell, take one teaspoon (around 6-8 sultanas) per day. Within about a month you will notice your aches and pains subside. If this doesn't work for you, they still make a nice evening treat.

3. Sock formers. Long rugby/football socks can shrink in the wash and because of the length can be a devil to put on before a game, Sock Formers for Sports Socks taking up valuable time. My son and I cut a former (by drawing around his foot) out of an old plastic chopping board with a jigsaw. Then drilled holes in it to let air through. When the socks are wet, we pull them onto the formers and dry them like that. They hang on a washing line or dry on a radiator. This stops them shrinking and makes them easy to put on when needed.

4. Photograph your valuables. This may sound odd, but if you've had an item for many years, the receipt, or proof of ownership could well be lost. If your house is burgled, flooded or destroyed by fire, the last thing you want to have to do is argue with insurers about the individual items you have lost. But don't be under any illusions, if you cannot prove you owned something, they will NOT PAY OUT on items you have lost. Nowadays, because of blanket policies, almost every claim is underpaid because of this problem. Photograph everything in situ.

5. Sticking plug. Have you ever had power socket that's a bit tight? Use Graphite to Solve a Sticking Plug You slip the plug in and then have to wiggle, lever, yank and twist to get it out again? The answer is simply the lead of your pencil. Under NO circumstances use WD40!! You will short out your power supply and may even start a fire. However, your pencil lead is actually graphite, which makes a great lock lubricant. Just scribble on the exposed parts of the plug pins and it will slip in and out easily.

Please share your ideas below, thank you.

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