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Date: 16 September 2014

Today's Topic: What will the union jack look like if Scotland votes for independence on the 18th?

Triggers: Thoughts I had whilst aimlessly driving along in the car

My Grump: Something this old being messed with by a power hungry Scotsman

Of course the Yes and the No campaigners are being very dogmattic about their statements as the day draws near, but I suppose the question will come up - Why keep the blue bit?

Various papers have reported comments like: The Union Jack will have to be dumped as Britain’s national flag if Scotland votes to separate, the Government’s official advisers warn today. The Government’s main advisers on flag policy are the Parliamentary Flags and Heraldry Committee, and the Flag Institute.

One leading expert described Whitehall as ‘terrified’ and ‘woefully unprepared’ for the risk of losing an iconic UK emblem. Another key adviser, Lord West, said it was ‘a nonsense’ to suggest Scotland’s saltire cross could remain part of the design. Lord West also said: ‘In the event of a Yes vote I cannot see how you can save the flag of the United Kingdom.’

Charles Ashburner, of the Flag Institute, described Whitehall as ‘woefully unprepared for the flag-related consequences’ of the Scottish poll. ‘Everyone in Government seems terrified of taking this on,’ he said.

I'm not surprised at that, are you? The Union Jack has been with us for hundreds of years. This picture represents the evolution of the Union Jack to the present day.
The Evolution of the Union Jack
In the event of a 'no' vote, of course this is all academic and nothing will change, we can keep the flag as it is, except that I think we should make a very small change to reflect the Welsh element of the union. More on that below.

In the event of a 'yes' vote, the flag representing the United Kingdom may have to change to reflect its current members. Mr Ashburner of the flag institute said: "There are so many different possibilities for the flag should Scotland become independent.... Any resulting design is going to take a long time to figure out and we cannot make a recommendation for a new flag - only point out new possibilities. The most likely image is to take the blue of the Scottish flag away from the background and possibly replace it with black, which is the base colour for the flag of St. David. It would also be possible to use the colour yellow as well as black because this too is part of St David flag."

I think it's important to represent Wales, I really do, but black and yellow? These are a bit heavy and dowdy to be part of a bright and jubilant flag which the union flag is. We have to keep this in mind when thinking of any new design.

Here is the Union Jack as it is today: Union Jack as it is today
This image gives an idea of how complex the union flag really is and how the designers did a great job in bringing the various elements together. Now there are even questions of whether we should keep the crosses in our national flag. Now I'm going to get 'cross'! This is still a predominately Christian country. It's true, some of the people we have allowed to enter this country do not act in a very christian way, but they ain't the majority yet.

All this pandering to multi-culturalism is actually creating racism in this country, not bringing it to an end.

So, to the questions of: "Would it be right to keep the Christian crosses in the national flag - is that suitable for our current demographic?" Yes it bloody well is! Thank you very much.

My two proposals (thanks to Paint Shop Pro) for the Union Jack. First on the left, if Scotland stay. And second, on the right if Scotland leave. Both you will notice, give Wales a say. The one on the right will also widen St.Patrick's red cross, which was halved in width so as to include the cross of St. Andrew, the white cross in the Scottish flag, which it will no longer be necessary to represent.

Union Jack as it could be if Scotland stay     Union Jack as it should be if Scotland go

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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