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Date: 08 February 2015

Today's Topic: Them Vapour Trails Behind Planes Ain't Just Ice

Triggers: Driving along in the car looking at a beautiful blue sky

My Grump: Vapour trails in the sky looking like a tic-tac-toe board

I was driving across the top of the Mendips on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sky was a very cold, deep blue and crystal clear. But criss-crossed across the sky were a multitude of plane trails, otherwise known as vapour trails, or contrails (condensation trails).
I really hope this is a composite of vapour trails
The one thought that crossed my mind was, look at all that pollution.

Then I started to feel a little peeved, because there are over 600 politicians in parliament who are trying to brainwash all of us that they are environmentally friendly and fuel tax and road tax us off the road.

And, as I was looking at all that pollution in the sky, I am left wondering why are you picking on us poor motorists when you've got hundreds of thousands of flying gas tanks in the air, pumping out billions of gallons of polluted air an hour.

Just so we're clear here, contrails are made of water in the form of a suspension of billions of liquid droplets or ice crystals. And I accept that may be what's causing the vapour trail, but planes burn hydrocarbons. So when you see a trail that starts off 20ft across, expanding out to 2miles across as the plane moves further away, this is the extent of the pollution mixing with clean air, not just the water cloud.

Taking all that into consideration, my poor little car is a drop in the ocean.
An evening sky full of vapour trails
Then a funny thing happened.
There is a rather steep hill on the road towards Farrington Gurney. At the front of the queue were two cyclists. Now to be fair, they were one behind the other, which they should, of course, especially in a narrow road. But the queue behind them was at least a mile long of traffic, all going at the same speed as these two cyclists.
A cyclist holding up traffic
This of itself IS NOT FUNNY!
What I thought was funny, was the fact that we are told over and over that cycling is good for the planet. Which is clearly a load of b@ll@cks! Every one of those cars, lorries, vans and coaches was crawling along, going steeply uphill, at less than 5mph, with their engines revving like mad, clutches slipping to keep their speed down, and tempers failing with every passing moment, because they couldn't get passed.

Half the time they were stopped, waiting for the cyclist to make some headway, so they could do yet another hill start, which burns much more fuel than moving along with momentum. The amount of unspent fuel, and cloudy dirty diesel spewing out on that hill was absolutely bonkers, just so two tree-huggers can save a bit of gas.

Don't forget this is going on all over the country and in every town and city, not just in the country lanes.

Please share your thoughts below, thank you.

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