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Date: 3 January 2014

Today's Topic: Searching in Windows Live Mail

Triggers: Finding that Windows Live Mail is a pain in the arse

My Grump: You can only search one account at a time

Why is it everytime Microsoft comes out with a new product, it seems to take us on a backward journey? Outlook Express was simple, easy to use, you could adjust it to suit how you worked and most importantly, WHEN YOU DID A BLOODY SEARCH IT LOOKED IN ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS!

Sorry to shout. But Microsoft, you've done it again! You see, I have 6, or is it 7, email accounts, all for different reasons. Some are private, some are business and the rest are from my many websites, all of which filter, or are redirected, into one or other account set up for the purpose.

All this used to run really smoothly; with Outlook Express I could set up message rules so that emails dropped straight into specified folders, without being dragged there. All emails from all accounts went into one Inbox, and I could sort them out from there, or delete them wholesale. But the main thing that was most useful was that I could type in a search term, such as "shares", "insomnia" or "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and the dear little bit of software would go off and search all 7 accounts at once, giving me all the results by time or account order, and I could pick the one I wanted.
Windows Live Mail 2011
How does your advanced bit of software work now? I have to do the same search in 7 accounts seperately. I don't have time to mess about like this.

Oh and by the way, why do I need 7 Inboxes, 7 Draft folders, 7 Sent boxes, 7 Junk folders and 7 Deleted items. You've just made one simple job 7 times more fiddly. How is that progress?

Think about this logically. If I could remember which account, which folder, the subject line or the senders name, I wouldn't need to search for them at all would I? I'd know where they were and could just go there and find them. Surely you geniuses at Microsoft have figured this out by now? When searching, you need to search EVERYWHERE. There I go, shouting again. Well, they made me do it.

Just a tip for Windows Live Mail 2014, 2015 or whenever, we need a way to search for an email that doesn't require that I already know where it is, OK? And secondly, an option to have 1 Inbox, and 1 of everything else; just the option, I'm not asking you to go back to the old software, but the idea might be better to increase functionality, not make us work with one hand tied behind our backs.

Please share your ideas below, thank you.

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